ADA Lifts & Ramps

Located on the northeast corner of the California Plaza, one ADA ramp allows access to the Museum’s classroom, East Door, and main entrance. Evernham Hall, which currently houses Cannibals: Myth & Reality, is also accessible via one of two ramps located under the Southern arcade of the California Plaza. Our administrative offices are accessible via a ramp on the east side of the Gill Administration Building.

An ADA lift is located in the eastern wing of the Museum. This lift leads to the bridge that spans to the southern side of the Plaza, providing scenic views of El Prado on both sides.

St. Francis Chapel

The historic St. Francis Chapel is located one level down from El Prado. Due to limited access to the Chapel’s lower level, the Museum reserves access to the balcony level for guests with mobility issues. Access is gained through either of the two ramps leading to Evernham Hall’s front doors.


Wheelchairs are available at no charge to assist those with limited mobility. Our exhibits are designed with ample space to allow wheelchair access. Text panels are placed so that they are easily read from various heights. An elevator is located in the northwest corner of the Museum by the Monsters! Clubhouse.

Service Animals

We welcome all service animals to the Museum.

Social Stories

Social stories are guides to help prepare individuals with autism for social interaction and public events. Check out social stories for seven museums in Balboa Park, including the Museum of Man, which were co-authored by high-functioning young adults with autism as part of a project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Learn more.