On July 28, we’ll hold our Summer Games party (a new direction for our Tower After Hours series of events), and packing the building with fun things to do will be Kai Dickens, whose company Playology is all about bringing play back into the lives of adults.

“Adults don’t play enough. They’ve kind of forgotten how they used to play, and because of that everyone’s too serious about everything,” Kai said. “I think that there’s a time when we’re young when we’re told that it’s time to stop being a kid and to start being more serious. Then all we care about is work, work. work. People think that work is the thing that is going to make them happy, but it’s the time you can take from work.”

Hobby Horse v3If adults can’t let go of their adult inhibitions and get back into playing like they did when they were young, Kai encourages them to create personas. “With that, there’re no boundaries of who you can and can’t be. You are making this person up as you step into the activity.”
Events at the 18-and-up event include “weightlifting.” We use those quote marks purposely to call the word into question, because it’s really a disguised blind beer-tasting where you’ll try to figure out what kind of beer you’re drinking and answer some trivia.

Among the other games:

  • An equestrian relay race on hobby horses. Gallop around on a stick mount!
  • Ping pong shot put combined with tic-tac-toe.
  • Pool noodle javelin throwing.
  • Bean bag archery. How’s your throwing arm?
  • and more!

Find out more about the event — including the drinks and Brazilian food — here.

Photo by ashleigh290. Used under a Creative Commons license.