Our organization is a member of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, a collaboration of 26 arts, science and culture institutions in Balboa Park. By working together we produce major outcomes that no single organization could achieve alone. Benefits of our Partnership include:
– Collective cost savings of $800,000 annually;
– Improved organizational performance and creation of new resources (knowledge, innovation, and networks);
– New financial resources: since 2008 the Partnership has brought $4.2 million in new revenue to Balboa Park;
– Improved public accessibility and safety through capital improvements and ADA upgrades;
– Reduction of Balboa Park’s carbon footprint by 5.4 million kWhs and 91,000 therms annually, the equivalent of 110 homes; and
– Professional development for more than four thousand staff and volunteers to improve professional practice and visitor experience.
To learn more about the many ways our collaboration makes the Park a better place to visit, learn, and have fun, please visit the Partnership’s website at www.bpcp.org