The Mobile Tour, available on the free Balboa Park app, allows guests to visit hidden places in the Museum, uncover lost stories from staff, and explore a lesser known history of the Museum.

Don’t miss these staff-favorite mobile tour stops:

Who Are These Men? (Located at the Museum’s entrance)

Start your adventure at the front steps of the Museum, and look up at the sculpted facade. Discover what inspired the ornate design and who the men depicted are.

Designing an Exhibit with David Reynoso (Located in Living with Animals)

Step into Living with Animals to discover what went into designing this whimsical exhibit, and how our exhibit designer, David Reynoso, gathers inspiration for his work.

3. Secret Staircase (Located in Race: Are We So Different?)

Venture up a secret staircase via augmented reality to a vista you won’t want to miss.

Collecting Secrets with the PostSecret Street Team (Located in PostSecret)

Our brand-new PostSecret exhibit has a special section dedicated to San Diego’s secrets. The PostSecret Street Team, comprised of passionate volunteers, ventured out into the city to collect thousands of postcards to feature in this gallery.

These are just some of the exclusive features of our Mobile Tour, which also has written content in over 100 languages. Check it out for yourself by downloading the free Balboa Park app available on iOS and Android. Download it today and start your adventure.