JUNE 1, 2022

Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month from the Museum of Us! As a Smithsonian Affiliate, this year we’re joining forces with the Smithsonian Institute to bring you stories and resources that celebrate and honor the contributions of LGBTQ+ peoples throughout history.

Let’s get started! #SmithsonianPride

Marsha Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and the history of Pride Month

Because of Herstory

Let’s start with where Pride parades began: Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and the Stonewall Inn.

Indigenizing Pride/Indigenizando el Orgullo LGBTQ+ | Youth in Action/Juventud en acción

National Museum of the American Indian

Hear from Indigenous youth working in the fields of education, health, cultural heritage, and the arts to amplify Two Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ voices and issues: Ryan Young (Ojibwe), Souksavanh Keovorabouth (Diné [Navajo]) and Naomy Méndez Romero (Zapotec). Moderated by Anthony Bullard (Lumbee).

LGBTQ+ Women Who Made History

Because of HerStory

Meet nine LGBTQ+ women who have made remarkable contributions to the nation and helped advance equality in fields as diverse as medicine and the dramatic arts. Read their stories, represented by objects in the Smithsonian‘s collections.

Posing for LGBTQ+ History

The National Museum of African American History and Culture

The National Museum of African American History and Culture brings us the Ron Simmons Photography Collection, celebrating the iconic moments and stories captured by photographer and tenacious activist within the Black and LGBTQ+ movements, Dr. Ron Simmons