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Reclaiming Wellness: Outdoors

May 19, 2021 – 12:00 pm


Join us for a conversation on the joys and struggles QTBIPOC communities face in the outdoors. Panelists active within adventure sports and outdoor programming will discuss the intersections of race, gender, and other structural oppressions—and their effects on our relationships with nature and land.

This free, virtual webinar is moderated by California Arts Council Arts Administrators of Color Fellow Luisa Martínez. Scroll below to meet your speakers!


This event has passed. Click the link below to view the recorded webinar!


Individuals with disabilities who would like to attend this event are asked to please contact [museum@museumofus.org] regarding any special accommodation needs. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide accommodations in an effective and timely manner.

This webinar will be recorded and available for viewing with closed captions within 24 hours.

Meet Your Speakers

Marc Chavez

Native Like Water

Marc Chavez, was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California and is of Mexican-American Indian, (Nahua, Michoacán and New Mexican-Spanish descent). Chavez graduated from the University of California, San Diego in Communication, “Third World” Studies and post-graduate research in Community Educational Linkages. Chavez has over 25 years of experience in higher education, and community linkages.

In 2000, out of San Diego California, Chavez founded www.InterTribalYouth.org, based on developing a working model for community and institutional education. The program’s aim is to “indigenize education” and has been nationally and internationally recognized as an “holistic approach to education”. Youth and mentors from across North America, Hawaii, Panama, Jamaica, Mexico attend various national and international summer and spring programs.

In 2014, Chavez initiated “Native Like Water” to focus on intergenerational cultural exchange between ocean and freshwater land environments with a close attention to Hawaii’s leadership in curriculum development, standards, and maritime education. 

In 2019, Chavez was chosen as a Forward Promise National Fellow, with the responsibility of disrupting the narrative and building a culture of health model for boys and young men of color, (BYMOC) in collaboration with many other national leaders in the field.

Chavez continues to study traditional medicine, indigenous coastal culture, and ancestral native foods. Chavez enjoys surfing and sharing the stoke of the ocean and jungles. Chavez donates over 70% of his professional time as Director of Native Like Water.


Amath Diouf

Melanin Base Camp

Amath Diouf is a Black, Muslim, outdoor writer who encourages outdoor exploration and self-exploration. He is currently based in Asheville, NC and is inspired by stories that delve into introspection and community development. After embracing Islam in college, Amath was inspired to be a khalifah (steward) on Earth and cultivate a global perspective that protects humans, plants, and animals. By learning from one another, Amath hopes to better understand what it means to be a supporting member of our global community. He believes that the outdoors is a place of opportunity to be the best care-takers we can be. With nature’s therapeutic properties, spending time out in nature strengthens our pursuit to step inside ourselves and practice self-care. 

Amath has published work featured on several major platforms like Melanin Base Camp and Gear Junkie. As he continues his journey into the outdoor industry, he is excited to combine efforts to bridge the gap between the outdoors and wellness.

Photo credit: Cornell Watson


Dr. Mellissa Linton-Villafranco

Latino Outdoors San Diego

Dr. Mellissa Linton-Villafranco is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies from UC San Diego and has been the Latino Outdoors San Diego (LOSD) ambassador since 2019. She created the LOSD Instagram @losandiego and worked to bring the unique social, racial and environmental justice community in the San Diego borderlands together. She is also a queer community organizer and first-generation Salvadoran from Long Beach, California.


May 19, 2021
12:00 pm