This exhibit ran October 13, 2012 – June 30, 2013. It is now closed.

Explore the Ability in Disability!

This award-winning exhibit created by Boston Children’s Museum features hands-on activities and real, personal stories that inspire visitors of all ages. Learn phrases in American Sign Language, type your name in Braille, try a hand-pedaled bike and take part in a multi-sensory City Walk! Powerful and highly-interactive, access/ABILITY teaches respect, understanding, and that people living with disabilities lead active, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.

There are six different exhibit areas:

Going Places,
where you’ll get to try out a wheelchair obstacle course and a Multisensory City Walk.

Talk With Me,
where you can learn phrases in American Sign Language, type your name in Braille, and communicate using pictures.

Just For Fun!,
where you can try a hand-pedaled bike and create art that you can experience through sight, touch, and sounds.

Think About It,
where you can test your attention and memory skills and find out what kind of smart you are.

Invent It,
where you can experience a design challenge, see how there is more than one way to do something, and learn how things can be designed to work for the greatest number of people.

Resource Area,
where you can learn more through books and on-line resources.

Join us for this family-friendly adventure, and learn about how people with disabilities navigate the world!


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access/ABILITY was created by Boston Children’s Museum and sponsored nationally by MetLife foundation.
All underlying materials are used with the permission of Boston Children’s Museum.

Special thanks to The Price Family Charitable Fund.