Fossil Detective Kit

In January 2018, we said goodbye to Footsteps Through Time, an exhibit that shared information about human evolution and millions of years of environmental adaptations. With the departure of this exhibit, our Education team has been working diligently to provide a supplementary resource that builds upon Footsteps Through Time content.

“Fossil Detective” is an educational kit focusing on biological anthropology, and can be used to enhance your classroom learning through object- and inquiry-based learning practices. Lessons center on igniting students’ curiosity and critical thinking skills by participating in exploration around some of the most well-known hominin finds, and discussion around cultural knowledge of where humans come from using examples from across the globe. The kits have up-to-date language and visually enticing worksheets, resources, and supplements.

Please contact the Education and Public Engagement Department for policies and pricing.

Check out what’s inside our kits below: