Group Visits to the San Diego Museum of Man

We love groups! Whether you’re a school, senior center, professional organization, alumni club, or any other kind of group, let us help you have a memorable visit.

To book a group tour, call the Education Department at (619) 239-2001 extension 75, or email If you are an educational group, visit this page for more information.

Group are offered reduced rates for a minimum of ten people. We offer many different options, including discounted ticket bundles, bulk tickets for you to distribute to your members or customers, group sales for self-guided exploration, or buying a guided tour or discussions.

Our guided tours have are exhibit- and theme-based for a variety of interests, as well as a general museum tour that takes you throughout our giant buildings.

Our guided tours for group visits always include general admission so that once you’ve concluded your tour, you are free to head back to your favorite exhibit or wander the museum at your leisure. The general admission ticket is good for the whole day, so you are free to leave for lunch and come back later to finish your visit later in the day.


Group Tickets (self-guided explorations): $8/adult, 10 person minimum

Guided Group Tour (includes all-day self-guided exploration): $10/adult, 10 person minimum

Group Tours

Here is a look at what tours we currently offer that correspond with our many and varied exhibits. Keep in mind, if you don’t see something that strikes your interest, we can work with you to create a unique and personalized museum experience!

Ancient Egypt:

Students will journey back in time to the ancient city of Amarna, the childhood home of King Tut! In this fascinating exhibit showcasing 3,000-year-old artifacts, students can observe ancient life and death on the Nile. This experience will inspire scientific inquiry and awe through the artistic creativity of these priceless artifacts, including the rare coffin of a young child, one of seven in the known world!

RACE Logos_FINAL Race: Are We So Different?

Race: Are We So Different? explains in clear, helpful language the origins of race and racism, and helps us understand how to deal with them in productive, enlightening ways. This tour aims to teach about the history of race in America, the unfounded scientific basis of race as a tool for division and discrimination, and the ways in which all of our lives are impacted, in one way or another, by race and ethnicity. Engage in a small-group dialogue and hands-on activities to improve communication and understanding of differences at school and beyond.

Maya: Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth

This exhibit features awe inspiring replicas of majestic Maya monuments from the Maya city of Quiriguá, Guatemala. Translations of intricate glyphs carved on the monuments recount events in Maya history and the lives of Maya rulers. The exhibit demonstrates how these colossal monuments were constructed and features artifacts from Maya culture, including jade, pottery, figurines, sacred ceramic offering vessels, and more.

Footsteps Through Time: 4 Million Years of Evolution

This exhibit is presented through more than 75 interactive exhibit components funded by the National Science Foundation. Explore concepts of change over time, genetics, natural selection, bipedalism, biotechnology, cultural development, and archaeology. A three-dimensional stratigraphy wall explains how geological layers and scientific tools are used to determine the age of an archaeological finding. Learn about the prehistoric tools of the first handy man, Homo habilis. Investigate how tools have evolved with the hands-on tool box.

Kumeyaay: Native Californians

Explore the indigenous culture of San Diego’s Kumeyaay people. See how the abundant natural resources of our region provided food, water, clothing, shelter, and medicine to local inhabitants. This exhibit of the indigenous Kumeyaay people of San Diego sheds light on the rich cultural history and traditions of San Diego County. Observe authentic artifacts such as: pottery, basketry, tools for hunting, traditional dress, and objects of daily life. Learn how the Kumeyaay adapted and utilized seasonal resources responsibly and respectfully in a diverse climate before freeways and supermarkets.

Don’t see what you had in mind? In addition to having a tour for each of the specific exhibits, as well as a general museum highlights tour for the entire museum, we also have the ability to tailor a tour to your interests. Feel free to call to find out what kinds of tours we’ve created for others in the past, and to find out what we can do for you. We would love to work with you to create the best experience possible!

Didn’t see what you wanted? Here is a list of our current exhibits that we have on view. We can tailor a tour using these exhibits to something that will be most relevant and interesting to you.

To book a group tour, call the Education Department at (619) 239-2001 extension 75, or email If you are an educational group, visit this page for more information.