Wild Life is back and it’s time to explore your wild side! Begin your metamorphosis and let your instincts lead you to unknown adventures at this after-hours masquerade party inspired by our Living With Animals exhibit.

At Wild Life, you’ll be able to meet and learn about live insects and arachnids from one of our Living With Animals program partners, Zovargo. We got to chat with Amanda Plante, the CEO of Zovargo, to learn more about her organization’s mission and get a sneak peek at what’s in store for Wild Life!



What is Zovargo, and what is the organization’s mission?

Zovargo provides conservation education programs with live animal ambassadors. Our team is made up of passionate educators looking to make a change in the world by delivering programs that focus on the conservation of animals, their habitats, and promoting sustainable behaviors that lessen our ecological footprint.

Zovargo aims to touch the heart and teach the mind by providing positive experiences and interactions with animals that help spark an appreciation for all species. We know that positive animal experiences are the catalyst for future conservation stewards.

Zovargo stands for:

  • Zo – Animals
  • Var – Variety of Animals
  • Go – Movement or progress in conservation

Our mission is to foster human-animal connections through unique encounters and interactive education programs that inspire conservation stewardship.

What are some of the different types of animals that you work with?

The animal ambassadors at Zovargo are a big part of what makes our programs so special. Our programs focus on topics like protection of wildlife, care of pets, and protection of our planet, which includes the habitats of animals from all around the world. With these mighty topics, our ambassadors include ducks, quails, parrots, sparrows, a few frog species, rare reptiles, a Bengal Cat, other mammals, and lots of unique invertebrates!


What kinds of programs do you host? What are some of the programs you’ve held at the Museum before?

Zovargo provides outreach programs for schools, scouts, libraries, civic groups, and even does private events like animal birthday parties. Every program we do is focused on conservation education. Even at birthday programs, kids walk away with a message about how they can help animals!

Since the Living with Animals exhibit opened in 2017, Zovargo has been bringing animal ambassadors to the Museum and providing programs that are themed with the exhibit. Zovargo always brings a pest, pet, and an animal that some may have on their plate. TheLiving with Animals exhibit is amazing and the whole Zovargo team has truly appreciated our partnership with the Museum over the last 15 months.

We’re looking forward to our next event with the Museum coming up on October 12- Wild Life!

We’re very excited to have you at Wild Life What are some of the awesome critters you’ll be bringing to the Museum for the event?

Zovargo will be bringing many neat critters including a flat rock scorpion from Africa, an Asian Forest Scorpion, a Chilean rose hair tarantula, desert millipedes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and an Arizona blond tarantula.

What’s a misconception about arachnids and other bugs that you’d like to debunk at Wild Life?

Many people are fearful of arachnids and believe that all spiders are going to hurt or even kill us! The truth is, their vision is very poor and they are fearful of humans since we are the ultimate predator. There is no record of a tarantula ever killing anyone!

How can people get involved with Zovargo?

Zovargo has internship and volunteer opportunities available all year round. More information can be found on our website. We are also always in need of more animal supplies to help care for and enrich our ambassadors’ lives. Our Amazon Wish List is full of things that would help us out tremendously.

Thank you to Amanda for chatting with us! To learn more about Zovargo, visit their website, and meet their team and ambassadors in person at Wild Life.

Get tickets to Wild Life on Friday, October 12 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Explore untamed parts of the Museum where you’ll encounter insects that may make you squirm, discover what fear and mind does to your body, indulge in delectable bites, and so much more.