Download Our Exclusive Mobile Tour!

The Museum of Man Mobile Tour offers visitors a unique behind-the-scenes experience. Visit hidden places in the museum, uncover lost stories from staff, and explore a lesser known history of the Museum of Man. Our mobile tour includes photos, videos, audio interviews, and an augmented reality experience.

Available on iOS and Android with translations in over 100 languages on the Balboa Park App.


Here are some of the experiences you can encounter in- and outside of the Museum via our mobile app:

Who Are These Men?
Curious about the Museum’s façade? Discover what inspired the ornate design and who the men depicted are.

Designing an Exhibit
Discover what goes into designing an exhibit and how exhibit designer David Reynoso gathers inspiration.

Hidden Chapel
Visit our century-old chapel hidden in the depths of the Museum.

Secret Staircase
Venture up our secret staircase via augmented reality to a vista you won’t want to miss.

Exclusive Video Content
Go behind the scenes with our talented staff team and learn what goes into creating an exhibit!