We’re honored to announce the Museum was recently awarded The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego Kaleidoscope Award for Good Governance with North County Lifeline!

After a rigorous review process and on-site visit, the Kaleidoscope Award is awarded to a San Diego nonprofit that recognizes, celebrates, and promotes good governance. The first Kaleidoscope Award was given out 12 years ago and past award winners include notable organizations, such as the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservancy, Voices for Children, and the Girl Scouts of San Diego. This year, the award focused on good board governance that propelled an organization’s performance and fulfillment of its mission.

We achieved this award thanks to the collaborative effort between our board and staff to create a relationship of mutual respect, transparency, and well-defined roles, while also implementing institutional initiatives, like World Peace Starts at Home (WPS@H) and Decolonization.

“The San Diego Museum of Man has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past several years, largely by putting governance at the front and center of our efforts, rather than as an afterthought,” said Museum Board Chair George Ramirez. “This has led to key institutional initiatives such as World Peace Starts at Home and Decolonization, which are not only radically redefining our day-to-day work, but also enabling us to more effectively deliver on our mission.”

To earn this recognition, our board created an environment where weaknesses are viewed as strengths and informed boundary pushing is highly encouraged, which helped shape World Peace Starts at Home and Decolonization. With WPS@H, we understand that in order to transform the Museum into a space of meaningful discussion on topics that matter, we must cultivate that same space internally. With the support of our board, trustees, community stakeholders, and staff we are taking steps to develop a decolonized approach to the Museum’s day-to-day work and long-term goals.

Thank you to our board, trustees, staff, and volunteers for working tirelessly to create an environment of generosity, partnership, and love that is felt throughout our organization.

Watch the video below to hear Museum CEO Micah Parzen and Board Chair George Ramirez talk about how we earned this incredible honor!

Read more about the Kaleidoscope Award here.