Because the San Diego Museum of Man has high standards of operations and professionalism and some physical limitations, we work with a select group of caterers who are well versed in and trusted by the facility. As partners with our Special Events Department, these caterers function as an extension of the services that the Museum of Man provides and recommends. Full contact information is available on our Preferred Vendors page.


Because of strict regulations within our operating procedures, and because of our pursuit of quality and value, only those beverage vendors that meet the Museum’s Policy and Procedures requirements may be used. All beverage vendors require final approval from the Museum before any event. All sales, distribution, and consumption are regulated and overseen by those approved beverage vendors, as is licensing, insurance, and compliance with the state of California’s Alcoholic Beverage Control. For contact information, see our Preferred Vendors page.


In addition to our policies on food and beverage service, we also have regulations regarding its impact on exhibits and events. If your event is to have special music, lighting, and/or décor, we would like you to use our preferred production agencies, as they are familiar with our procedures, policies, and electrical requirements. Any production company that is not on the list must be approved by the Museum’s Special Events Department, must carry a $3 million dollar per occurrence liability insurance policy (with the San Diego Museum of Man listed as additionally insured), and must meet the strict guidelines of the Museum’s Special Events Department. See our Preferred Vendors page for contact information.