The Views

TO THE NORTH, the criss-crossing green cars of the San Diego Zoo’s Skyfari catch your eye as they glide over the canyon landscape just beyond the Old Globe Theater. You can see a bird aviary and sometimes hear animal calls. Beyond that, there’s the North Park water tower, and, even further away, in the distant northeast, the Cuyamaca Mountains.

TO THE WEST is the Cabrillo Bridge, Banker’s Hill, more of downtown, the massive spur of Point Loma, and the glimmering San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, dimpled by the movements of sailboats and military vessels going about their business. To the northwest — just a few feet away — you see the brightly-tiled California Dome, the sister landmark to the California Tower. Look to the northwest over the dome and you may see Mount Soledad and the taller buildings of Hillcrest.

TO THE EAST, you see the ever-evolving heart of Balboa Park: beautiful park buildings, the Plaza de Panama, and the sports fields and trails. All this is set in front of the backdrop of the sepia and umber hues of the Laguna Mountains, as well as the antenna-covered peak of San Miguel Mountain. You may see helicopters land at the Naval Medical Center.

TO THE SOUTH, you see the curving arc of the Coronado Bridge, busy shipbuilding yards, glittering downtown skyscrapers, the Coronado Peninsula, Mexico’s misty Coronado Islands, the flat top of Tijuana’s Otay Mesa, and beyond that, more of Baja California and Mexico. Airplanes fly past as they descend toward the airport, and red-tailed hawks often soar over the park’s canyons.