Since opening in 2018, we have collected over 15,000 postcard secrets in the PostSecret exhibit and at PostSecret Street Team events in the community. The PostSecret Street Team has played a huge role in spreading the word about the exhibit and collecting these secrets to be displayed in the San Diego Secrets section of the exhibit. They have popped up at the Museum, at Farmers’ Markets, and more.

We chatted with Dania Meza, one of our wonderful volunteers, about her involvement with the PostSecret Street Team, and what the PostSecret exhibit means to her.

Hi! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your involvement with the Museum.

My name is Dania, and I was born and raised in Oceanside, California. I’ve been volunteering at the Museum–primarily on the PostSecret Street Team since October 2017. I’m also a part of the Street Team Leadership Council.

What is the Street Team Leadership Council?

The Street Team Leadership Council is new and is a seven-person team made up of both Museum staff and volunteers. We meet monthly and work together to find new places to host pop-up events that engage communities all around San Diego.

What drew you to volunteer at the Museum of Man? What’s your favorite part about volunteering with the Street Team/your experience as a volunteer in general?

PostSecret initially drew me to volunteering at the Museum of Man. On one serendipitous Sunday in 2017, a post [on the PostSecret website] hinted that a PostSecret exhibit would be opening at the San Diego Museum of Man, and mentioned that there were volunteer opportunities. It was kismet as I had been on the search for something new to participate in, and I’ve been volunteering at the Museum ever since.

One of my favorite parts about the Street Team is being a part of something impactful that sparks connections in the community.

What is your connection to the PostSecret exhibit?

I’ve been following the PostSecret project since its early days, and I check the website every week. I feel that I am connected to the exhibit because I’ve been able to be a part of the process of collecting the secrets [for the San Diego Secrets section of the exhibit].

What do you do when you’re not volunteering?

In addition to volunteering with the PostSecret Street Team, I am a full-time student who volunteers on campus at the [CSUSM] Cross-Cultural Center and I am a staff writer for the school paper. I also work full-time in the accounting department of a flower company. I also love traveling, visiting other museums, attending music events, thrifting, and spending time with my family!

What is your favorite secret in the exhibit?

My favorite secrets in the exhibit are those that the walls keep. The secrets visitors whisper to each other as they open up, inspired by the vulnerability laid out by the postcards on display.

A moment that stood out happened not while I was volunteering and collecting secrets, but when I visited the PostSecret exhibit itself. As I walked around the exhibit, I saw a visitor reading the San Diego Secrets and crying. I spoke with them and was able to connect with them a bit more after they finished reading the secrets. I love that the exhibit allows for moments like those.

How can people submit secrets to the PostSecret exhibit?

People in the community have various ways to submit their secrets for the chance of having it displayed! They can attend a Street Team Pop-Up and create a postcard there, create a postcard in the PostSecret exhibit itself, or request and pick up postcards from the Museum.

Learn more about the PostSecret exhibit here, and check out our Calendar of Events to find out when the next PostSecret Street Team pop-up will be.