We know you love the California Tower as much as we do! So we asked our community to take an inspiring photo and share it with us for our first-ever Tower Photo Contest. These are the winning submissions.

"Classic California" by Alex Dejacacion

“Classic California” by Alex Dejacacion


"California Tower With Trees" by Al Rodriguez

“California Tower With Trees” by Al Rodriguez


"Tower, Dome and Lamp Silhouette" by Antonio Torres

“Tower, Dome and Lamp Silhouette” by Antonio Torres


"The Tower in the Park" by Dave Roberts

“The Tower in the Park” by Dave Roberts


"Tower At Night" by Evan McGinnis

“Tower At Night” by Evan McGinnis


"Fountain & Tower at Sunset" by Jolyne Harris

“Fountain & Tower at Sunset” by Jolyne Harris


"Preparing for the Centennial" by Mark Floyd

“Preparing for the Centennial” by Mark Floyd


"View from Sculpture Garden" by Violet Bassett-Mathy

“View from Sculpture Garden” by Violet Bassett-Mathy