The “Race: Are We So Different?” Exhibit Project

Nov 11, 2022


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An image inside the "Race: Are We So Different?" exhibit featuring a life-sized group portraits of diverse people on the left, and various tables and museum signage, one depicting a large image of a white children's doll, on the right.

Our exhibit, Race: Are We So Different?, first went on view at the Museum of Us in 2011 as a traveling exhibition developed by the American Anthropological Association and the Science Museum of Minnesota. In 2015, the Museum acquired the exhibition as a core offering to engage our visitors and local school and community groups in feeling, thinking, acting, and reflecting on race and identity.

Today this exhibit is in the midst of a multi-year project to rework and update its content to better reflect the San Diego region and the current national dialogue on race. This effort will be led by a Race Advisory Committee, a group of individuals with a wide variety of lived experience with race and identity. The committee includes academics, educators, and most importantly, people who are directly impacted by the work.

The "Race: Are We So Different?" exhibition project is made possible in part by a grant from the Institute of Museums & Library Services (MA-249265-OMS-21).