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Hostile Terrain 94: Audio by Salvador de la Torre

In 2013, artist Salvador de la Torre encountered a tattered shirt left behind in the desert heat. Instead of photographing and cataloging, as one would do in a traditional archive, Salvador took a different approach. The artist wore the shirt. This simple act began a year-long exploration of memory, grief, and empathy. The 365 Days in an Immigrant’s Shirt project documents Salvador wearing the shirt for an entire year as it continued to disintegrate.

We would like to invite you to engage in a process of self-reflection and community reflection:

  • How could we share our personal learning processes in a way that invites our communities into their own moments of reflection?
  • How do we process extremely difficult topics like death and desperation?
  • How can we include our whole bodies in our learning process?

Years later, Salvador de la Torre continues their process of reflection. Listen to an audio piece by the artist where they look back on the process and the lingering effects of this work: